Zircos-E Color Liquid


-Acid Free characteristic makes the shade liquid harmless to the crown and reduces contamination to the sintering machine. -Coloring liquid does not need to be dry before the sintering process. -The shade liquid’s tone and hue express beautifully on the surface of the zirconia. -All brands of zirconia blocks are compatible. -Two colors can be mixed and the color intensity can be manipulated by adding water.

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Additional information

Dentin Liquid

Dentin Shade Set (17 shades), Shade A1 (50ml), Shade A2 (50ml), Shade A3 (50ml), Shade A3.5 (50ml), Shade A4 (50ml), Shade B1 (50ml), Shade B2 (50ml), Shade B3 (50ml), Shade B4 (50ml), Shade C1 (50ml), Shade C2 (50ml), Shade C3 (50ml), Shade C4 (50ml), Shade D1 (50ml), Shade D2 (50ml), Shade D3 (50ml), Shade D4 (50ml)

Special Effect

White, Brown, Blue, Gray, Dark Gray, Violet, Pink, Orange